Dance Pad - Connecting and Using


The dance pad is a game style flexible plastic mat that connects to the computer via a wireless USB controller. It is powered by 4 triple A batteries. The whole mat is approximately 1m x 1.5m. The mat contains 12 pressure sensitive switches each about 20cm square.
The switches on the pad are OFF when there is no pressure on them and ON when they are pressed. These switches are designed to be foot operated but do also respond to hand pressure (pressure needs to be as strong as giving someone a poke in the arm).
Using ControllerMate and Flash you can program responses to the ON and/or OFF states of each of the 12 switches, for example, sound, video, animation etc. The mat has icons, arrows and letters to indicate the position of the switches. You could create your own visual interface for the mat surface by placing a blank carpet like surface over the top of the mat and then creating different icons/letters/symbols on top of this. If you do this, make sure that everything is non-slip.

Image of Dance Pad

Close- Up of Dance-Pad USB Controller

Connecting to a Computer:

  1. Insert 4 AAA batteries into Dance Pad and switch on (note: power LED will only light up briefly)
  2. Connect the USB controller to a USB Port. (Note: There is a mystery button on the USB controller (in between Red and Green LED) if you are having trouble connecting your Dance Pad press this and wait for lights to stop flashing. You cannot use more than one dance pad in close proximity.)
  3. Use ControllerMate to map the dance pad hotspots to letter keyboard keys (download example ControllerMate setup dancepad-control.cmate).
  4. Program your Flash movie to respond to the key presses that you have set up in ControllerMate (download simple Flash template for this dancepadsimpleTemplate.fla). Use this movie to see which keycodes relate to which keys keyboardAS3cs5.fla .
Dancepad keys and keycode mappings from examples