Lilypad - Power Supply

Lilypad Power Supply without Battery

A board for powering the Lilypad with a single triple-A battery. It has an on/off slide switch and a red LED that lights up when the switch is on and power is available (LED is just above the word Power on the board).

How to Connect:

  1. Insert a battery into the central slot making sure to match the plus and minus of the battery with the plus and minus inside the central battery section of the board.
  2. Before connecting to the Lilypad switch the power supply board on and test that it has power (the Red LED should light up). If it doesn't the check that the battery is inserted the right way and that the + connector in the battery holder is connecting properly with the button on the end of the battery (wriggle it around a bit until the light comes on and stays on).
  3. Switch the power supply board off.
  4. Connect the + petal of the power supply to the + petal on the Lilypad (red alligator lead).
  5. Connect the - petal (the one at the same end of the power supply board as the plus petal) to the - petal on the Lilypad (black alligator lead).
  6. Now switch the power supply on.

NB: The Arduino site has the following warning re powering the Lilypad "Don't power the LilyPad Arduino with more than 5.5 volts, or plug the power in backwards: you'll kill it." As long as you pay attention to matching the + and minus signs on all the components and use a triple-A battery you will be fine. Following the convention of red leads for +ve and black for -ve connections also helps you not to make connection mistakes.

Power Supply Connected and Turned On