Lilypad - XBee


The xBee components allow you to make a wireless connection between the Lilypad mainboard and the computer or between two Lilypad mainboards. The Lilypad xBee component has potentially 6 analog input or digital I/O pins (note: you need to program the chip to set which pins are digital and which pins are analog). This means that you can also use this wireless board as a stand alone unit (without the Lilypad mainboard) to input sensor data to either the computer or to another Lilypad mainboard. See this video for a demonstration of someone making a connection between a stand alone xBee and the NetLab Toolkit. See this page full a full list explaining the pins on the Lilypad xBee Board.
Lilypad xBee Module (Connects to Lilypad mainboard or acts as a stand alone device to transmit sensor data)

xBee Explorer (Connects to Computer)

xBee Chip Antenna (One for each module). Note the angled lines on each board that indicate which way the chip plugs into the board.

Setting up the xBee chips

Connecting to the Computer

Powering the Lilypad xBee

Using the Lilypad xBee to input sensor data

Connecting to the Lilypad Mainboard

Using the Netlab Toolkit with the Lilypad xBee

Using the xBee to communicate between two Lilypad Mainboards